Piana Grande Orvieto Classico superiore DOC

Orvieto Classico Superiore DOC
Annata 2021, 13.5% vol.

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The Orvieto Classico Superior DOC, is a blend of local grapes, as required by the Denomination of Origin.
The wine is made from grapes planted in 1970 with mainly Grechetto. Small quantities of Sauvignon Blanc have been added just before bottling.
All the phenolic phases are monitored regularly during the maturing period.
Great important is given to the exact moment of harvesting each individual variety.

Year 2021
Gradation 13,5
Grapes Mainly Grechetto, with small part of Sauvignon Blanc
Area of production hilly slopes at 300-340m above sea level, south, south/westerly exposure
Name of the Cru Il Caio, Terzano
Type of soil Clay and loam with good porosity of the soil from Pliocene time.
Training system Spur cordon with 8/9 buds
Yeald per hectare Max 80 q/ht
Harvest Beginning-mid. September.
Vinification Once harvest has been completed, the vinification process takes place in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature 15°-18°C.
Ageing and affination Once the alcoholic fermentation has taken place the wine is kept sur lees for two months to improve flavours and structure. The wine undertakes at least two months of affination in bottles before it is released to the market
Colour Very luminous yellow straw
Nose White fresh fruits with a clear scent of peach and apricot in a floral background
Taste Fresh and fruity with a well balanced acidy and a harmonious finish.
Best with pasta “carbonara”, tempuras, vegetable quiche, fresh cheeses, rabbit and turkey.