Wine Cellars

The estate is endowed with a modern wine cellar designed and built for precision vinification.

The use of the best technology available must be considered as a support to an extremely simple and genuine vinification, not as technological tenacity. The aim is in fact to fully respect the high quality of the grapes and exalt the peculiar features of each variety.

The harvest is done on the estate’s fields only, carefully monitored in every phenological phase and managed in order to emphasize the typical qualities of each grape variety, so as to transfer to the final product the most faithful territorial imprint.

In this respect, it must be pointed out that the harvest is done by hand, paying great attention in choosing the right moment of maturation of the grapes and in picking only the best bunches. This strict selection also takes place when the grapes are put onto the conveyor belt, before being processed inside the cellar.

The harvest takes place in the cooler hours of the day, in order to avoid every sort of unwanted fermentation process.

The numerous clones of the different grapevines, separated by vineyard fields, are individually vinified, and only at the end of this process the final blending takes place.

Lastly, the wine cellar is proud to own a special aging room, with controlled humidity and temperature. Here you find wooden barrels used for aging the wines coming from the oldest vineyards.

Thanks to the scrupulous selection made in choosing precious French oak woods (Allier, Jupille, Never) of different toasting levels and thanks also to the great attention paid when deciding how long the wine will be aged in the barriques, Castello di Corbara grants a final product in which all the organoleptic sensations are in perfect balance and harmony.